Wooden planks leaning against a wall about to become display pieces for M of Copenhagen

My gosh it's been an eventful couple of weeks and I have so many wonderful updates to share, my lovelies! And so little time - Time is just my biggest hurdle. I wish I had at least 72 hours to every day instead of 24. Juggling 2 full time jobs and a small child takes time and work for sure. All you other Make-it-happen Moms out there, raise those hands for an Amen, sister!


A few updates I wanted to quickly share with you, as a result of these hectic couple of weeks.

The main thing that changes for You, my lovely VIP tribe (those who join here) is that I decided that from now on, You lovely lot would get the most out of being part of my little tribe, by automatically being up signed up to participate in ALL my giveaways - Under one condition: that you comment "I'm in" on that Instagram or Facebook post that I announce the draw in. So if you are signed up for my newsletter, you are automatically eligible to be entered in the draw, I just need you to confirm that you DO want to participate, by asking you to comment "I'm in" on those posts. Super easy, right?

If you are not already a member of the tribe, make sure to sign up to the newsletter asap so you don't miss out: Sign up here! Doesn't cost a thing! And you can unsubscribe at any time, only then you won't get the benefits anymore of course.

In other news ... 

I have been invited by a former giveaway winner of an M of Copenhagen ring, to showcase and sell my jewellery at a Pop-up event in Malmö, Sweden next month! More details about this to follow. I am super-excited and already feeling faint about all the preparation that needs to be done before hand. I haven't participated in a trunk show since the Ethical Fashion Fair in Berlin in 2015, so it's about time! 

Since I am a DIY kinda girl, I already spent a huge chunk of the budget on building supplies that I am turning into jewellery displays for the show. Never tried that before either - so wish me luck! I love trying new things and figured I can't go too wrong with the simple, minimalistic design that I have in mind. Plus, even though it cost me some money, I see it as an investment. It's a one-time set up cost that I'll be able to reap the benefits from for years to come. All materials are wood (obviously, must be natural - you know me, haha!) and stone. I will also attempt to cast some ring cones (ring holders) out of cement. Never tried that either but always wanted to, so I hope I don't mess it up too bad, haha.

Wooden planks leaning against a wall about to become displays for M of Copenhagen

I'll make sure to upload some pics of the finished product. Hopefully they'll meet my high standards so I don't have to panic last minute about finding replacements. Wish me luck!


xx Marie 


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