Hi all you lovely people!

Welcome to 2019 - your best year yet! 

A new year has begun. A new, blank page has been turned, giving way for a whole new chapter in your life. An unwritten one. Aren't you excited?!

Filled with excitement, staring at the empty calendar pages, knowing you have about 150 million things you need to remember to put down, but just remembering them gives you that little tingle of excitement in your belly? That's me right now.

I wish this feeling could last forever. There is something so special about starting a new year that fills me with joy. Not in anyway because the year before was bad and I want it to be over, but because I know that completely new challenges and personal growth lies ahead.

Ask my parents and they will tell you; if there is anything I love - it's planning ahead! When I was little we used to go on an annual family vacation to different places in the Mediterranean, and I used to start planning and packing my suitcase MONTHS in advance. No joke. That's how excited I was. I kept adding and removing outfits. I loved it. This year, for the first time in 3 years, I will get to be that little girl again and pack my suitcase as much in advance as I feel like (or as much as my husband will allow -lol). We have finally booked a holiday that does not involve visiting family! We did it! The last sunny vacation abroad for us was to Cuba for our honeymoon. I have survived long enough on those memories - it's time to make some new ones, and this time as a family!

As I look back on 2018, which was the best year EVER for me in business, I cannot help but feel so incredibly grateful to all of you, my loyal and absolutely lovely customers who keep coming back for more. You make my heart sing. On so many levels <3. I am determined to let that feeling of gratitude set the tone for 2019 and keep the good vibes vibing until the next New Year!  

I feel this year will be amazing on so many levels. I am determined, more so than ever, to put myself out there and see what comes back. I am going to go on new adventures with the business (don't worry, just improving what I already have, no big changes), I am going traveling (yikes!) for the first time in 3 (dang) years! My soul needs sunlight. My mind needs a breather and a reboot. And -  I have an amazing year planned out for you, my lovely followers, in terms of amazing offers, gifts and deals.

First up for 2019 will be Valentine's Day which is only about a month away! Crazy how time just flies by. If you are already part of my VIP tribe (newsletter subscribers) then you will get an email very soon - and as always, if you haven't already, you should definitely sign up for my newsletter. You know, if you like receiving unique deals and other perks I only give to my loyal subscribers :) If you're into that kinda thing ;).


Till next time, my lovelies! May 2019 be YOUR YEAR!

xx Marie xx

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