Marie Beatrice Gade - Fine Eco Jewellery

Buy once - keep forever.

Established with the purpose to do more good than harm, Marie Beatrice Gade is not your typial jewellery brand. Using only solid precious metals to guarantee longevity, each order also plants up to 5 trees, ships in biodegradable packaging and is fully customizable and handmade to order in Denmark.

Welcome to my design universe

Dedicated to being the most sustainable jewellery brand out there, my work is the result of a personal quest to help where I can and a born need to create. My jewellery speaks to the minimalist who wants to have a positive impact on climate change through their passion for the unique and handmade.

-Marie Beatrice Gade

Handmade in Denmark

All jewellery is handmade-to-order by founder and Eco Jeweller Marie Beatrice Gade in her studio on Zealand (Sjælland).

Solid Precious Metals

Marie's philosophy is simple: Buy once, keep forever. Only the highest quality of solid, recycled precious metals are used in her creations. Solid metal is the highest quality available in jewellery.

Natural Packaging

All packaging is 100% plastic free making it easy to burn, recycle or biodegrade after use, leaving nothing but the jewellery behind. Orders ship with CO2 Neutral shipping.

3 Trees Planted per order

Marie donates 3 trees to be planted through Onetreeplanted.org for each order placed.

Traditional & Low Toxicity Methods

As s mother and nature advocate, Marie always opts for the safest and most clean approach to crafting her pieces - both for herself, for nature and for you.

Fully Customizable Designs

All orders are made-to-order, giving you the option to fully customize the design to fit your taste or needs. Virtually anything is possible.

European Sourced

All materials have been sourced from like-minded businesses within Europe's borders in order to keep the CO2 impact as low as possible.

Free Gift Wrapping

All jewellery can be shipped fully gift wrapped directly to a loved one with a handwritten note in your own words - entirely free of charge.

Green Weekend 2021

For the second year in a row I am stepping out of Black Friday in celebration the opposite - mindful shopping with purpose at great offers. Join me!

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As featured in

I love everything about Marie’s jewelry, it’s so fine and subtle . I highly recommended buying from Marie if you are looking detailed handcrafted jewelry which is timeless and modern at the same time.

— Konstantina Manousou

Bestselling FILIPPA series

Discover the bestselling FILIPPA series available both in gold and silver



Thank you for another piece of stunning jewellery!

I bought the TWYLA Earrings and instantly fell in love with them. They
make me feel glamorous and dressed up - without ever being "too much".
These are beautifully handcrafted earrings and I get happy everytime I
put them on.

— Maria A.

My new everyday favourites!

The DEW earrings are my absolute everyday favourites.
I never thought such small and pretty buds could give such a beautiful impression! I wear them every day and get so many compliments - so happy with them!"

— Linda T.

Couldn't be happier with my lovely Filippa earrings!

I thought I'd save them for special occasions but I wear them every day because they're so beautiful, and I get compliments constantly"

— Emina

Thanks for the super friendly and personal service!

My wife was delighted by her earrings, and in hearing they had been sustainably hand-made a few days before I gave them to her

— Stuart O.

"I have been wanting to buy something for the longest time from you and now it was about time! I love simple but beautiful jewellery and that's exactly what yours are. Jewellery for everyday wear!"

— Lina F.

I have purchased from Marie twice this fall - first Everly Earrings and then the Moon earrings. Simplicity, timeless elegance and exclusivity are some of the words that fit your jewellery. I am so happy my daughter tipped me off about your designs."

— Berit G.