My story

My story
Marie Beatrice Gade
Marie Gade is the hands and brain behind M of Copenhagen jewellery

My story.

It was never my intention to fall madly in love with jewellery making. It is one of those things that just happen, and then you realize it was all meant to be. I am proud to have found my true calling, but it wasn’t always in the direction I was heading in.

Growing up, I already knew at age 9 or 10 that I wanted to be a designer and it was going to me my ultimate goal in life. I would spend days drawing the  collections that I had gathered in my little head, but I never seemed to have the time to finish one idea before the next began. I guess that was the tell-tale sign that design was a destined profession for me, because I would never run out of ideas. I just needed an outlet for all my ideas.

My purpose.

M of Copenhagen handmade artisan jewellery made to order

Years went by, and I went on to acquire a Bachelor in Arts & Culture with emphasis on fashion design at Novia University of Applied Sciences. The more I learned, the more I would find myself constantly asking “why?”. Why are we still doing things this way? Why is no-one doing anything? Why is no-one doing more? Why do we accept this?

The deeper I dove into the world of fashion, the more I realised it didn’t resonate with what I had set out to do, or with what I believed was right. I had better ideas than what was out there. I knew there had to be better ways of bringing beautiful things into the world, than poisoning the planet and continuing to support the unethical and unacceptable working conditions.

This clarity set me on the course to create what I wanted to become the most sustainable clothing line the world had ever seen – just to prove that it IS possible. I wanted to be the brand that would leave no stone unturned, and no ends untied. I began the process and left no detail to chance. Each label, each sticker, each piece twine was carefully sourced from within Europe, organic and plastic free. The clothes made from European grown, organic linen, dyed with a non-chemical process and OEKO-tex certified all the way. I had it all figured out. I had the collection developed in a country nearby, who also had strong ethical beliefs that resonated with my own, and now all I needed was to tell the world of what I had created.

How I became a jewellery designer actually starts with this story.

M of Copenhagen Laguna Ring made to order artisan jewellery

While I was preparing to make my way to the Ethical Fashion Fair in Berlin to showcase my clothing line, I desperately needed cash to fund my trip to get there. Then, one day, while rummaging through the Danish Church’s yearly bazaar in London, that sold all kinds of old treasures to raise money for the church, my mother-in-law and I came across a booth that had vintage Georg Jensen jewellery for sale. My mother-in-law picked up one of the classic 1960’s bangles and hinted that I should try making jewellery since I had a knack for being good at all things creative.

I was tempted form the very beginning. After all, how hard could it be? I started really thinking about it and realised it could be a great way to generate quick cash flow in order to fund my booth at the Ethical Fashion Fair, because it wouldn’t require any outsourcing or middlemen whatsoever.

After a few searches on Google, I found the London Jewellery School and signed up for a 6-hour introductory class into silver smithing – and that was it. I was hooked. That’s when it all hit me – THIS is more sustainable, more transparent, more controllable, more honest, more ME than clothes ever will be. I was finally home. This was my place in the world. At the bench, with my tools, creating and perfecting something for each individual customer.


I went on to set up my first ever web shop a few months later -and the rest is history.


My inspiration.

M of Copenhagen Inspiration Mood Jewellery Design Artisan jewelry

I strongly believe that growing up with nature right on my doorstep has shaped my whole entity. I have always had an unexplained sense of belonging whenever I’m surrounded by nothing forest – in absolute solitude and silence. I have always felt a great responsibility to maintain and preserve it. To me it is precious. Almost holy. The thought of being stranded in nature or on an island is a calming thought to someone like me. That’s where I have my best ideas - when I am alone with my thoughts.

When there are no distractions, no glossy magazines, no internet and no social media.

Just me, my thoughts and nature. Back to basics. Back to square one. Back to what matters. Reset everything. I think that is important to do every now and then. No matter what you do or who you are. Find comfort in your own solitude and just reset yourself and clear your mind. Start fresh. Turn over a new blank page and re-adjust your focus on what really matters – and where you are going next.

My Aesthetic.

Calypso Earrings handmade by M of Copenhagen

My jewellery is an expression of my greatest passions:

minimalism, Japanese origami, 1960’s designer furniture, modern architecture and of course – nature.

My design process revolves around meticulously adding and subtracting elements until I find that perfect effortless and timeless balance - because I believe you can say more with less. Sometimes, it is not so much what you say- but rather, what you leave out.

I want my pieces to speak volumes about who you are, without ever saying a word.


My work

I create for the purpose of keeping and my clients are from all walks of life but they all have one thing in common - they are tired of wasting their money on "temporary" jewellery. They are looking to make an investment into a more "grown up" and meaningful jewellery collection. Pieces, that they will one day be remembered by, because it was their favorite that everyone remembers about them.

Some commission me to make a custom design that they have carried around in their mind for years and years, while others are dying to get their own handmade piece from my collections. It all varies. But they all have the same core values and desires in common - which brings them to invest in themselves like this.


If you are looking to start your own collection and start collecting your own memories and stories, it can all start here. I'd be honoured to make you a piece of your own.

Browse the collections here
If you have a design idea that you want to make come to life, the process is very simple: just email me a simple hello (no strings attached) and we will take it from there 
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xx Marie  xx
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