Top 5 Sustainable Danish Designers to Watch

Top 5 Sustainable Danish Designers to Watch

You guys - this was truly amazing! I cannot thank you, my beloved customers enough for believing in my vision of a greener planet by creating meaningful, mindful pieces of art. You light up my soul! :)

A few weeks ago, as those of you who follow me on social media probably could see, I was completely blown away by the best surprise ever! It was such a huge honour to discover that I had been chosen as 1 in 5 Top Danish Designers to Watch by Nordic Style Magazine!

It was so random.. I was scrolling through my website, making some minor tweaks as always (I'm obsessed with improving it, haha) and as I was checking my traffic, I noticed that I had quite a few clicks from a source I didn't recognize. I, of course, got very curious and clicked on the link straight away. Up came an article that literally took my breath away. Little did I know that they had made a piece on me and my business and my commitment to making a change and therefore announced me as  one of 5 Sustainable Danish Designers to watch - that's is like the biggest compliment I've gotten in a long time.

Coming from an established magazine - it's an incredible feeling. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you out there who believe in my mission and appreciate my art - sharing this with you was the best feeling ever. The biggest thank you to each and everyone of you! 


Read the article here 


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