Testimonials from previous customers

Continuum ring by M of Copenhagen shown on hand


The CONTINUUM Ring! Bought it several times as gifts!"

Continuum Ring

- Katarina-




Freedom ring artisan heirloom jewellery by M of Copenhagen shown on hand

"Timeless and simple

- like a modern version of iconic Georg Jensen"

Freedom Ring

- V.L. -



Galaxy ring artisan heirloom jewellery by M of Copenhagen shown on hand

"Handmade with a simple but timeless design.

I like the thought of reusing material! Looking exclusive and different. Happy owner of a ring by Marie."

Galaxy Ring



 Tear drop red gold earrings - Marie Beatrice Gade Sustainable danish designer


" I couldn't be happier with my lovely earrings.

I thought I'd save them for special occasions but I wear them every day because they're so beautiful, and I get compliments constantly" 

Filippa Earrings 9K Red Gold

- E.M. -


 Dew Drop Earrings by M of Copenhagen on white background


" These are my absolute everyday favourites.

I never thought such small and pretty buds could give such a beautiful impression! I wear them every day and get so many compliments - so happy with them" 

Dew Drop Earrings 

- L.T. -


Samsø Earrings by M of Copenhagen on white background

" These ones are superb! 

They look and feel great and stay put in the ear, so I can dance all night without worrying that that they might fall out" 

Samsø Onyx Earrings in Recycled silver 

- L.T. -



Filippa Arrow tear drop shaped earrings in sterling silver on white background

" They go with everything! 

I purchased the FILIPPA ARROW 925 Silver Earrings and I just love them. They go with everything: I can wear them for a more formal work outing and for a night out. They are high quality earrings and I just love to have found a designer who meets my aesthetics AND uses recycled silver. The design is unusual and always get a comment and compliment from other people. ;)" 

Filippa Arrow Earrings in Recycled silver 

- M.A. -



Eve silver earrings in leaf shape by M of Copenhagen 


"Thanks for the super friendly and personal service! 

 - my wife was delighted by her earrings, and in hearing they had been sustainably hand-made a few days before I gave them to her!"" 

Eve Earrings in Recycled silver 

- S.O. -



Positano mini ring in recycled silver by M of Copenhagen on model's hand

Thanks for super nice jewellery!

"I have been wanting to buy something for the longest time from you and now it was about time!
I love simple but beautiful jewellery and that's exactly what yours are. Jewellery for everyday wear!"

Hook Earrings , FIlippa MIni Silver Earrings & Positano Mini Ring




 Everly earrings by M of Copenhagen

"I have purchased from Marie twice this fall

- first Every Earrings and then the Moon earrings. Simplicity, timeless elegance and exclusivity are some of the words that fit your jewellery. I am so happy my daughter tipped me off about your designs."

Everly Earrings & Moon Earrings

-B.G. -

Twyla twisted straight earrings - Marie Beatrice Gade fine jeweller 

“Thank you for another piece of stunning jewellery!

I bought the TWYLA Earrings and instantly fell in love with them. They
make me feel glamorous and dressed up - without ever being "too much".
These are beautifully handcrafted earrings and I get happy everytime I
put them on.

Twyla earrings

- M.A. -



"I love everything about Marie’s jewelry,  it’s so fine and subtle . I highly recommended buying from Marie if you are looking detailed handcrafted jewelry which is timeless and modern at the same time."

Returning customer

- K.M. -

Filippa 9K Recycled gold necklace 

"I wanted to buy my girlfriend a beautiful piece of jewellery and I was so fortunate to stumble across Marie's website after many hours of searching. It ticked all the boxes on so many levels, eco-minded, exactly what I was looking for jewellery and more importantly spoilt for choice. For a man who doesn't buy shiny things that often I realised I had struck eco-minded gold. I eventually chose the Fillipa mini 9K gold necklace, a beautifully crafted fine and delicate piece. Marie was a pleasure to buy from, efficient, thoughtful and she added that real personal touch that you receive when you buy from independents who love what they do, both delivery and packaging was all thought through. Just about to buy again."

Filippa 9K Gold Necklace

- S.Y. -


 KYST necklace by Marie Beatrice Gade

"I was looking for a long time for this" 

"Was looking for a necklace for myself with a simple and unique design that also represented My style. Found this in Marie's necklace and design KYST. I was looking for a long time for this - a piece of jewellery is part of your personality."

KYST necklace

- M.M.-