Silver in general can sometimes darken, also known as oxidize. The reasons behind this can be the minerals and salts secreted by the body or found in the air if you live in a humid environment. The tarnished silver can be treated using a  ’Silver dip’ - a specialist polish available at jewelers' or a tarnish removal cloth available in most online jewellery stores.

- Always keep your jewellery away from body lotions, perfumes and other products you put on your skin, as this may tarnish the metal.
- Always remove your jewellery before taking a bath, swimming or doing the dishes.
- Store your jewellery in a dry and soft place when not worn, to maintain the lustre and prevent scratches from forming.
- Use professional cleaning agents when polishing your jewellery, taking extra care not to cover any beads or gemstones with it as it may be hard to remove.



Marie Beatrice Gade uses nickel free 925 silver made from 100% recycled grains of silver (EcoSilver) and also fine silver 999, consisting of 99.9% pure silver for all stone impressions.

EcoSilver - Made from 100% recycled grains of silver, that have been melted down and formed into new solid silver. Produced using a totally traceable fully audited process. Ecosilver has the same quality, working properties and content as its untouched origin Sterling Silver 925 (92,5% pure silver). Origin: Europe

EcoSilver Solder – the joining component used to fuse the silver together - also made from scrap silver. Origin: Europe 


Handmade Jewellery box - 100% Recycled paper. Origin: Europe

Jewellery - 100% recycled 925 Sterling Silver (Ecosilver), 9 kt Red Gold and 9 kt Yellow Gold handmade in Denmark

Cards - 100% recycled paper. Origin: Europe

Jewellery Box Inlay - 100% Natural Sheep's Wool

Mailing box – 100% recycled paper. Origin: Europe

Cards – Made from recycled paper. Origin: Europe



Using a delivery service that is taking action against CO2 emissions and minimizing their own pollution.

 All the brand’s products are and forever will be made with the highest concentrate of sustainability achievable at that point in time, and it is my personal pledge as a designer to never produce a single product that hasn’t been scrutinized to fulfil those needs the brand so proudly stands for; justice for the environment and a brand for the people – fighting for your right to a cleaner environment and a brighter future for all of us!




To find out your ring size, measure one of your current ring's inside diameter in millimeter. The inside diameter will correspond with the sizes available when purchasing (15, 16, 17, 18 ,19 mm)
Size chart for rings by M of Copenhagen

The image above is a ring that measures 1,7 cm (17 mm) in inside diameter, i.e. this ring bearer will need to choose size 17 when ordering rings from M of Copenhagen.

If you do not have a ring to measure and compare to, simply measure the circumference of the finger you wish to wear one of Marie's rings on.

How to measure:


Cut a piece of string (ca 10 cm) and wrap it snugly (comfortably, and not too tight) around your finger, holding one end of the string pressed against the finger you are measuring as a starting point. Mark the string where it touches the end you're pressing down. Then unravel the string and measure that length ( from the end to the mark you made). The length you get should then be divided by 3.14 and that will give you a reading in millimeter.

Example: My finger measures 62 mm (6,2 cm) around where I wish to wear my ring.

62 / 3,14 = 19,74  this means a ring in size "19" from the Marie Beatrice Gade collection should be perfect for me. Always best to have a ring size that sits snugly around your finger so it doesn't fall off in sudden movements.




The method of measuring your bangle size is quite similar to how rings can be measured, only using another part of the hand of course. To find your bangle size, please follow the instructions below. I do not recommend measuring and old bangle as they may have been bent out of shape (providing a false reading) or be a different shape than the designs I offer, and therefore hard to use as an example. For my jewellery, I personally recommend to always measure your hand as follows:


Bangle and bracelet chart

For any questions regarding sizing, or to order a custom sized bangle or ring, please do not hesitate to contact me on