Marie Beatrice Gade

With an innate desire to create and with unstoppable ideas coming to her head, Marie already knew at the early age of 9 that she was destined to be a designer. 

Staying true to her dream, Marie went on to acquire a B.A. in Sustainable Fashion design in Turku, Finland. After having worked in the industry for a while and witnessed first-hand how irresponsibly clothing was being created in the fashion industry, Marie was determined to find better way to produce her own designs. In her quest to achieve this, a new door was opened. During an introductory course to jewellery making at the London Jewellery School, Marie found her true calling in jewellery design. It was a moment that changed her path forever.

Marie’s philosophy is to meticulously design jewellery that can withstand the test of time and transcend beyond trends, making them the evergreens of your jewellery collection. 

Marie’s aesthetic and ethical mindset merge in designs that are inspired by nature, minimalism and a functional style.  Every single piece is created by her own two hands in true honor of craftsmanship. Each stroke on her jewellery tells the silent story of the hands that created it, forever creating a unique bond between her, the piece and its wearer.

Marie draws inspiration for from the1960's design era, japanese origami and of course the ocean - her personal soul charger.