A brand for the planet

Founded on her own quest to be the most mindful designer, Marie Beatrice Gade is truly a brand for the planet – and the people on it. Marie takes the responsibility as a creator seriously and is devoted to crafting beautiful designs that have the least amount of negative impact on the environment as possible.This means choosing the best materials available and the safest methods in crafting, to ensure longevity, safety and premium value for money for her clients.
Her passion for the environment is strongly mirrored in her jewellery. She predominantly works in solid* ECOSILVER** and ECOGOLD***, combining them with the finest natural beads such as Onyx, Hematite, Obsidian, Pearls and Howlite. You will never find plastics or any other artificial elements in Marie's work except for epoxy glue to secure longevity for the bead work.  



How Marie's work is different


  • Marie only uses solid metals for her work, meaning her jewellery is never filled or plated, which is not the normal industry standard and therefore priced at a premium. Solid metal is the most valuable form of metal that jewellery can be made of.
  • Each order ships in 100% natural and biodegradable packaging – leaving nothing behind but the jewellery itself.
  • All jewellery is designed and handmade by Marie in her studio in Denmark.
  • Each order donates 3 trees to be planted in the customer’s name.
  • Each design is fully customizable to fit the customer’s wishes as all orders are made-to-order.
  • Each order is produced using traditional methods and aims for the least amount of chemicals in the production as possible.



**Ecosilver is nickel free 925 silver made from 100% recycled remnants and grains of 925 Sterling silver.

***Ecogold 9 kt is made from 100% recycled remnants and grains of 9 kt gold.

Both metals have been melted down and formed into new, solid precious metal in a fully traceable and audited process. Both Ecosilver and Ecogold have the same quality, working properties and content as its untouched origin; Sterling Silver (925) and 9ct gold (375).


Ethically handmade in Denmark


By keeping all production inside her own studio in Denmark and made by her own two happy hands, Marie can proudly say that she knows what her products are made of and how. All her materials are carefully researched and vetted before purchased – for her own peace of mind and yours.
Investing in a piece of my jewellery is not only an investment in keeping the art of traditional craftsmanship alive and caring for the environment whilst doing so, but most importantly it is an investment in your own value. Marie’s jewellery is made with the most valuable form of precious metals (solids), making them a tradable investment in itself.